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Fresh for February, JetBlue's Latest Onboard Food and Beverage Offerings


JetBlue is excited to announce its latest onboard food and beverage offerings, in flight now, across both its Mint and Core experiences. Read on to learn more about the seasonal favorites and new items making their way to tray tables at 35,000 feet.

The Best of Mint is Back Again
The airline is bringing the best of what customers loved from its debut menu with Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG)— the team behind acclaimed New York City restaurants Charlie Bird, Legacy Records and Pasquale Jones—back to its Mint dining program with a seasonal twist on dishes from DHG’s Charlie Bird.

Customers traveling on transatlantic flights in JetBlue’s Mint experience can expect to see new dishes like Mushroom Lasagna, Italian Clam Soup, and Burrata with Baby Beats and Breadcrumbs, during lunch and dinner flights. For breakfast flights, customers can feel energized across their travels with a new tasting of Greek Yogurt with Strawberry Jam and Walnuts. On domestic routes, customers can savor Cacio e Pepe Cavatelli for lunch or dinner, and sensibly indulge with Lemon Soufflé Pancakes with Raspberries for breakfast.

For more information on Mint service and available dining options, visit our Inflight Menus page on

Fresh to the Core
Customers traveling on transatlantic flights in JetBlue’s Core experience will enjoy new offerings available from New York-based restaurant group, Dig. Bringing its signature build-your-own dining concept to 35,000 ft., Dig’s seasonal ingredients and flavors will delight tastes buds with every selection, including new options like Coconut Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Meyer Lemon at breakfast, and Sautéed Sirloin with Barley Risotto or Berbere Spiced Chicken with Pearl Couscous during lunch and dinner flights. For more information on JetBlue’s transatlantic service, visit our U.K. and Europe page on

The airline is also introducing two new EatUp Café items, including a Turkey and Pepper Jack Sandwich and Southwestern Salad, on all routes where EatUp Café items are available for purchase.

On all JetBlue flights, the airline is excited to offer new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. Archer Roose Bubbly Rosé offers a fresh take on the classic Archer Roose Rosé, with a sparkle, while Starry offers a crisp take on the traditional lemon-lime soda.  For more information on JetBlue’s current inflight food and beverage offerings, visit our Inflight Experience page on

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